Create a Personalized Book Safe for Gun and Mossy Oak Gun Cover

Create a Personalized Book Safe for Gun

Owning a mossy oak gun cover is not very difficult. Bit some of the mossy oak gun cover and safes cannot be afforded by all. Therefore, they have the option of designing their covers and safes.

Today people sleep in ease usually after owning a gun. It gives them a sense of security. Having children at home means keeping the gun at the secure place so that they do not start playing with it as a toy and cause an accident. Although there are many options such as safes, hiding the gun in a book is considered to be a good option and money – friendly.

The process of creating a safe within a book is as follows-

  • Hardcover book- the book should be hardcover. The size of the book depends on the size of the gun. However, thicker and bigger the book, better is the concealment of the gun.
  • Use glue- the glue is a must. A large amount of glue is to be poured into a bowl. A little water is to be added so that the glue can be painted easily with a paint brush.
  • Page selection- page selection is an important step while creating a safe. The first few pages of the book should be left. Rest of the pages must hold firmly and cut tightly. After that glue should be applied to the back cover and on all the remaining three sides. The gum process should be repeated and left to dry.
  • Opening the book- after the glue has dried up; tracing the first page will give the feeling of hollowed part in the book. Check if the book has been glued properly.
  • Checking the size – the size must be checked, and an outline should be drawn so that the gun fits easily and perfectly. The outline of the book should be drawn with a utility knife. For a straight line and perfect outline; the knife should be run around a ruler.
  • Keep the gun- after applying the glue on the inside edges, dry it completely. Now the gun safe is ready. Keep the gun inside the new self-created safe.

These safes are not only inexpensive but also very handy.  They can be made from any material or anything they want as far as it acts a cover or safe. As described above, a safe in a book is very easy to be made and for hiding the gun.