Four More Awesome Grand Prairie TX Restaurants For You To Stop By

I decided since the last two rounds of restaurants in Grand Prairie TX were so great, I needed to do another round. I can’t wait to show you what I have lined up this time. Have you enjoyed a meal at any of the other places yet? I still remember the cafe with the country fried steak that looked so good. It is now time to see which four of the top Grand Prairie restaurants I am going to show you this time around.

Theo’s Drive In seemed to go with the theme of what I have been running into when it comes to restaurants in Grand Prairie TX. That theme is unique places to eat, a melting pot of places with unique concepts, too. For example, you have the drive in just mentioned, and it is East Main Street. One reviewer said that this restaurant has the best burger in town. That is quite a compliment, and apparently, this place has been around for awhile.

Pollo Salsa seemed like a great place to bring up next, and it is found on West Pioneer Parkway. It is interesting that not as much review information is posted for this restaurant with it having such a high ranking. That made me think it might be a hidden gem. You see, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants is a hidden gem in a small city that would probably give it the same treatment. Either way, Pollo Salsa sounds like a great place to get a bite to eat, and perhaps a little mysterious, too.

Eddlemon’s BBQ I located on SE 14th Street, and would you believe the place serves breakfast? That is quite a surprise to me for a barbecue restaurant, but it’s a good surprise. One person talks about eating breakfast there one morning and then turning around and having lunch there, too. That must mean that this place serves up great breakfast and great barbecue.

Uncle John’s Pizza has pictures that caught my attention. The pizza looks real delicious, and the reviews talk about the great crust. Uncle John’s Pizza is located on South Carrier Parkway, and the only complaint I have is that the pizza isn’t New York Style. But hey, Chicago style and a thick crust is always good, too, so that doesn’t knock any points off for me. And now you have four more awesome restaurants to visit in Grand Prairie TX.

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